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Today, I will be sharing something that I learnt that just blow my mind.

When you do something new, there is always a chance that you would find a road block, so always prepare a backup plan, or multiple backup plans.

Lets say you are starting a gym regiment, if you cannot go to the gym today, then there is the backup plan of doing body weight exercises at home like pushups, pullups and situps.

If you are planning an activity on saturday say, hiking, you would need to bring backup supplies like water, compass and raingear. You would also prepare a backup plan for wet weather. If it rains, you can arrange to go with your friends to a coffeeshop or table tennis place. If the bus does not go, you have the map to walk or have researched if car rentals cover the area as well.

This applies to a lot of material areas of life outside of relationships. Research this and study it well.


Today, something bad happened to me.  Bad things happen to people all the time.  I am grateful that my friends were around and talked me out of doing stupid things.  More importantly, I was upset because the event triggered my value of integrity but yet the real effect to the victims was effectively zero.  In fact, attempting to rectify the situation might even cause negative value to the victims in terms of taking up their valuable time which could be spent to generate more benefit to themselves.

The tipping point came when I realized that instead of worrying and using up 5 hours of my time thinking about this thing which would not benefit anyone else, there were many things which did not trigger the moral alarm but which had a way bigger impact on other people in terms of bringing concrete benefits to their lives.  These other stuff which dropped below my consciousness, could actually be measured in dollars and cents or actual outcomes.  In case you were wondering what these stuff were, they were extra stuff at work which I could do above and beyond my daily work.  In terms of both relieving my colleagues’ workload and benefiting the actual receipients of the work, the value of doing the extra work is way larger than the value of the 5 hours I spent just being upset.

So what this post was trying to do in its rambling way is to say that our consciousness focuses on things which are emotionally charged.  Yet, the best things we can right now do to improve our lives are not necessarily emotionally charged and hence may sink below our consciousness.

Also, what got me out of this funk was reading Jame’s altucher’s post today, which talks about not letting your failures kill you a second time.  Check out his post “Kissing ruined my life“.  The most inspirational line in his post? “Life never throws you something you can’t handle.”  Which made me realised that all my bosses who had thrown me very difficult assignments knew the truth all along and I was the one who did not see the truth, having my eyes half-closed.