This site is for Da Zong to write to teach his younger self. As everyone’s situation is different, Da Zong, hopes this site can inspire and help other people in similar situations to his younger self.

Da Zong was sitting at the dinner table, talking to two of his bros over coffee. Suddenly, one of them says, “Why are there no pretty girls in this city?” Da Zong wanted to scream at them “No bros, its not about the lack of girls here. There are plenty of pretty girls in this city. In fact he has to keep from looking at pretty girls too much as it upsets his girlfriend.”

Yet, Da Zong kept his mouth shut. Three years ago, a younger Da Zong would have agreed with them. And also added that all girls, not just the pretty girls in the city, had a conspiracy to screw over all the guys in the city and to run off with the millionaire guys from New York, London, San Fransisco, Dubai, Sidney and Seoul.

In his mind, Da Zong imagined that he had asked his bros to wake up, it was not about the lack of pretty girls here, it was about their beliefs and attitudes. Even now while typing this post, Da Zong took a break to appreciate some of the not bad looking ladies in the MacDonalds that he was typing this post in.  His bros would have just replied “You are lucky that you have found a girlfriend. We haven’t.” That would have shut the conversation tight.

Da Zong looked at both his bros. Trying to figure out what are the reasons both of them felt that way. One of the bros was wearing a watch that cost half of Da Zong’s high five figures savings account. The other bro stayed with his parents in a decenly priced condominium near the city. Money wasn’t the problem.

Thinking about it now, Da Zong realised he would have to share his journey and whatever experiences he had so that others could refine it into their own nuggets of learning.