Over these few days there was big difficulty in maintaining the trial.

On day 10, I came back and ended up listening to about 2 hours of conversation to help a loved one vent out about work. After going out for dinner, I felt more peaceful.

On Saturday morning (Day 11), there was minor drama about waking up late. Yet by non-reacting, which was helped by the loving yourself practice, the drama died down by itself. I had an enjoyable Saturday.

On Sundays evening, day 12, there was major drama about the state of my career. Yet after I took action by applying for ads on job board the drama went away.

On day 13, I discovered the YouTube channel Infinite Waters. I resonated with the message in the videos. I was also curious as to how the creator of the Channel managed to accumulate more than 1 million followers. On day 14, I found out that the answer was consistent posting non stop over a prolonged period. Or what the YouTube channel owner called earning your stripes by consistently creating output.

On day 13, a major work meeting removed some of the outstanding backlog at work, which is an unexpected surprise from the universe.

On day 14, more alpha waves  of my private  requests were happening. According to Steve Pavlina, alpha waves are manifestations which look a bit like your manifestation request but a lot smaller. It is like Colombia seeing birds when he was near to discovering America. Or like finding a ten cent coin when you are trying to manifest a million dollars.

It is like the universe is sending a hint that it has heard you and that it is working on your wish. At this moment, if you doubt the law of attraction, you may feel frustrated or give up. I did that previous times. Now when I see the alpha waves I know I can keep working harder at my inspired actions to help my manifestation turn into reality.