Today started out a bit challengingly. The last few days I slept late.

As I was about leave house his morning a family member started to share their emotional concern with me. I cut the conversation off by saying that I needed to catch my bus if not I would be late for work. My englightenment before suffering caught on and I asked the person again about their emotional worry.

Today, while at work I was asked to help another person at work. My attitude was complain and I thought to myself that this was unfair and that I was being held back in my career. Looking back, I see this thought cycle keep repeating in my life. This complaining thought cycle has kept me in a state of lower vibration. Instead of thinking this complaining thought, saying I love myself would have been a more productive use of my time.

The helping at work issue resolved after lunch.

After lunch, a small thing happened where I was supposed to rush home after work to buy a replacement for something physical that had spoiled. I was sulky at first, thinking how unfair all this was and not appreciative of my family members.

After work, I surrendered myself to the universe and went to the shopping mall near my house to find the replacement item. When I found the replacement item, I called home and received the happy news. The item was no longer needed as my family had found a spare copy of the item in the storage. Last time, I would have felt angry for being sent on a redundant errand. Now, I am probably thinking that the universe noticed that I had learnt the lesson that I was supposed to learn and made the follow up of actually purchasing the physical item necessary.

There are two short learning lessons for myself today. The first is that loving myself practice made me more aware of the negative thought cycles that I have in my head. The second lesson is that surrendering to the universe let’s me learn my lesson in life faster, something that I forget frequently even when I am on the loving myself practice.