Thanks went largely smooth and peaceful yesterday.

I read that not having angry outburst also requires self control. Maybe the practice of loving yourself also helps to increase self control?

I practiced more letting go and going along with the universe yesterday, with good results. Yesterday I agreed to take the cab home, which gave me a lot of extra energy to do additional work at home.

A random thought came to me that things are smooth cos of the work I had put in earlier to take care of my chores. For example, I had paid my bills last week, so there was no panic or anxiety this week from me putting away my bills. It is a long shot logically, but I may not be so disciplined to take care of my chores without doing the loving myself practice.

Yesterday I also read a quote from Thomas Watson that business is a game. Something feels significant to me about the quote but I haven’t figured it out yet.

I am glad I started this trial.