Day 5 it seems like the trial has begun to stabilize. It seems easier to repeat the affirmations.

A minor irritation at breakfast passed by with less incidents.

The day went by smoothly and there was the tendency to reduce the affirmations.

There was also minor panic attacks about work and finances.

Small miracles seem to start happening. I was able to redeeem $20 worth of unexpected rebate vouchers for a restaurant meal. I think one of the unexpected benefits of the loving yourself practice is the increase in positive surprises in my life.

i also learnt to appreciate my relationships more. Yesterday during dinner I cut down on my usual habit of reading articles on my handphone to focus on the people I am having dinner with.

Takeaway lesson for today is when life starts to go well, then there is tendency to slow down or stop the practice. At this stage, the challenge is to build the habit of loving yourself when the circumstances are good.

It is easy to motivate yourself to love yourself when you are suffering as you can see the potential. It is less easier to continue with the practice when life is better as you may be complacent and think how does this make my life better. I think it may be more productive to think of loving yourself as a hygiene practice that is needed to maintain an emotionally and spiritually healthy life, like brushing your teeth.