Today one big crisis happened at work and one irritation event happened later at night. Normally the work crisis will trigger a panic attack that lasts for one day or more. Today the work crisis triggered a mild attack which disappeared after about one hour thanks to social support and maybe due to the trial.

The irritiation event would normally cause me to be majorly upset and throw temper tantrums, today I made it through without shouting.

The first learning point today was how much time was wasted. Although I am not doing affirmations all the time, now I squeeze affirmations in the middle of other chores, like waking from my room to the kitchen, while exercising, while waiting at the bus stop. With so much free time for my thoughts, I think it is more productive to use it on positive and productive thoughts than on random mental ramblings.

The second and last learning point today was I spend a lot of time complaining. When I seriously started this test to do the one affirmation, I start to notice when I am about to complain. When I am about to complain, the complaint thoughts disrupt the affirmations, which is how I know when I want to complain. At this early stage of the trial, I would say that the affirmations distract me from complain and also derail the complaints. His is an improvement from normal life where the complaints would distract me from work instead.

Hope you all are getting some benefits from me sharing my experiences about the trial.