Day 3 was calmer than Day 1 and Day 2. I wonder if it was because of the momentum built up.

Maintaining the practice feels easier now. While doing the practice, I become more aware of when I have been complaining. I was also involved in a discussion of why people complain. The discussion came to the conclusion that complain does not help at all and that at an early stage of spiritual development, it would be better to limit exposure to people with negativity.

One question I had in my mind was why was it easier for me to repeat the affirmation this practice as compared to previous practices and affirmation. One of my guesses is that for me , believing the affirmation “I love myself.” is easier than other affirmations about my career or finances.

One thing I had not stated previously was my aim in starting this trial. My aim in starting this trial is to see how far I can go in a thirty day trial and also to see if the loving yourself method works and if it would reduce fear as claimed by others.