Below are the things I wished I did as a teenager to make my dating life in university and in adult life easier. This was inspired by a post from all places, the manosphere (wisdom does exist there).

For men still in their teenage years, take note and research the below well:

1. Hear your parent’s advice and at the same time make your own plans and decisions. The older you get, the more you end up talking like your parents and the more that you find out that your parents were correct. For example, in teenage years, you think romance is the king in deciding who to stay with for long term relationships. In adult years, especially past 30 years old, suddenly factors that seem “old-fashioned”, like social economic status and your ability to get along with your potential spouse’s extended family seem very important. My guess is that your parent’s advice is good for you when you hit the age that your parents are at now. I would listen very carefully to my parents and at the same time navigate my surroundings carefully based on my understanding of the environment. In short, your parents are soft indicators of what would happen to do if you don’t make any changes (this may be good or bad depending on how good your parent’s lives are.

2. Hit the gym.  As mentioned in the Boron Letters, having strong arms is the easiest (compared to other ways like making a ton of money) way to avoid fights and for other men to respect you. For scientific nerds (I was one myself), the tipping point starts at bench press with 12.5kg dumbsbells, and at 17.5kg dumbbell bench press, you will be at comfortable region. Also, hitting the gym and running(in small amounts, not marathoning amounts) builds a sexy body (muscular and toned).

3. Do a sports/physcially hobby. One, you can only have reasonable time to do this before you have a steady girlfriend. Secondly, you will learn things that you cannot learn in another way. One of which is to learn how to learn physical skills.

4. Learn music or drawing. This is the way to develop your emotional quotient. This is important for your communication skills and for understanding women. It helps in your interpersonal skills. If learning music, more impressive first instruments to learn are piano, violin and guitar. I would avoid less mainstream instruments as my first instrument as that has negative social signaling effects.

5. Stop being concerned with what people think of you. For further explanation, read the explanation in Roosh’s original post. Also read Ribbonfarm’s article on losers, socialpaths and clueless. Being concerned with what other people think usually causes you to ignore your own material interests or buy into other people’s hidden agendas.

6. Learn to understand women better. This would be challenging as to my teenage self I would prefer to instead play video games, sports or hang out with my bros. Again the best way to understand is having female friends (not girlfriends) and then books. Dealing with the female members of your family does contribute to the understanding as well. This is where guys without sisters or who do not spend much time with their female family and relatives would be a bit handicapped.

7. Have a backup plan to earn a living. Nothing sucks like having a girlfriend to hang out (and do other things with) and have to shelve it because you are broke or because your job sucks up all your free time. I would read Steve Pavlina’s blog article, (starting with this article) and also maybe check out the location independent/lifestyle design scene (Link is from Location Rebel by Sean Ogle.

Research all the above and study it well.