Da Zong was reading an article on dealing with anxiety from the blog Bakadesuyo.

James Pennebaker had developed a method called expressive writing. You can read more about it in the original blog post. When I read it, I felt like I was slapped in the face in a good way.

To summary, you write about the traumatic events that you had experienced in the past. It is like a diary or like a journaling practice (link refers to article from Steve Pavlina).

For Da Zong, writing this blog is an exercise in expressive writing. The most important effects from expressive writing were two things. One, was that writing forces you to confront the objective facts from your past. So when writing the Da Zong story, Da Zong counted that he had been rejected by maybe seven women in the past. When reading that sentence on a piece of paper, it makes the belief “There is something wrong with me, I will never find a girlfriend in my entire life” harder to believe.

Two, the act of writing clarifies and sharpens your logical and strategic thoughts about a subject. There was a quora reply from Venkat from Ribbonfarm, that writing needs two skills, the skills of sharpening your words, and the skill of sharpening your ideas. Even if you belong to the first group of writing only to sharpening your words, the act of writing will still sharpen your ideas to a small degree.

If you are not comfortable in publishing an online anonymous blog, you can:

  1. buy journaling software
  2. keep a series of word documents
  3. or run an offline, local wordpress site on your computer.

This is the tool sharing for today. Like all tools, it can be harmful if not applied in context. It can be useful when used appropriate. Research and study this well.