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Ribbonfarm describes on 2 spirals: a positive progression from sexy to lucrative to powerful; and a negative progression from dull to dirty to dangerous.  Guys are judged by girls on two progressions:  From dangerous/powerful to physically sexy, or from dull to dirty to omegaland(no girls want to touch you).  Physically sexy is hard to improve on, you can improve to get a sexy body for guys, but short of plastic surgey and even then, you cannot change your physical face.  Yet in this day and age, guys you are not dangerous or powerful can mimick the social actions of the dangerous and powerful without their safety being threatened.  You can still act moderately assholely in a western upscale bar and not have physical violence threatened on you.  Try that in a biker/gangster hangout anywhere in the world and you might end up in hospital.  So the “strategy” or “cheap trick” that guys use is to mimick the social actions of the dangerous or powerful and to continue doing so even in an LTR.  This is the starting point of the strategy, the starting point if you will.

This would not work in a village where everyone knew each other.  For game to emerge, there must be a world where strangers have a chance join the double take zone and commence meaningful interaction without being close.  This would not be common place outside of cities, which is why fairy tales and contempory novels and dramas have to invent some reason for the heroine to meet the hero (or alpha male) in a setting favourable for seduction.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor

The World is Small and Life is Long