I listened to DJ Fuji’s interview on Next Level Lifestyles.  You can download the interview from the webpage.  I learnt so many things.  I keep the interview on my iPod and I intend to listen to it frequently.  What I learnt in a nutshell.

1.  Being Asian is not a reason for unattractiveness

Like DJ Fuji, I had erroneously believed that being Asian prevented me from ever being successful with white chicks, latina chicks, and hell, even asian chicks.  Behaviours associated with asians (and promoted by asian culture) are the things making me, an asian guy unattractive.   While I cannot change being an asian, I can change my behaviours to be attractive.  Asian sex symbols, Rain (rejected a date with Megan Fox) and Jeremy Lin (politely declined Kim Kardashian).  Seriously my roommate needs to hear of this.  For all the biostat nerds out there, yes, unattractive behaviour is the confounding factor in the hypothesis that being asian reduces your attractiveness.

2.  The DATE model for effectiveness.

All credit goes to DJ Fuji (taoofdjfuji.com) for this idea.  You need Discipline, Aggression, Training and Execution.  Discipline means doing the thing that is good for you instead of what you want to do. Aggression means going all out (within legal means) for your goal.  Training means getting someone who is better than you to help you with your training.   If Michael Jordan needed a coach at all stages of his basketball career, you need a coach to help you with your goal.  Execution means going out to actually doing the thing you want to do rather than staying at home and reading about it.

3.  You are the average of the 6 people you spend the most time with.  Your income, how well you do with woman will roughly match these six people.  So, go and make friends and make out with people who you like to become.  DJ Fuji shared how he approached some people in a club and said how he admired their pickup skills.  Those people invited DJ Fuji to hang out with them.

4.  DJ Fuji (taoofdjfuji.com) shares his top three advice.

At the end of the interview, DJ Fuji shares his top three advice:

1.  Do the actions of the person you want to become.  If you want to become a person who is good with woman, do the things he does, wear the things he does.  If he wears dark socks even if no one can see his socks, you wear dark socks too.  You don’t say you want to wear white socks.

2.  When in doubt, err on the side of action.  DJ Fuji remembers the sets he didn’t open, and if you think back, you probably do too.

3.  Always learn from someone who is better than you.  He repeats his idea about training with a coach, which shows how important DJ Fuji treats this tip.