The Zong was involved in a discussion with one of his friends.  To cut a long story short, the Zong is not feeling younger and just like what his Platoon Sargeant said, he would be watching his health in a few years.  These are the measures that the Zong will gradually implement.  These are only the Zong’s tips for himself, go consult a doctor if you want to implement a healthy lifestyle for yourself.


  1. No more caffeine.
  2. No more soda / sugar water.
  3. Only drinks: plain water, chrysanthemum  tea, herbal teas.
  4. People on controlled diets or eating tasteless foods seem to enjoy health improvements.
  5. Reduce white carbs intake.
  6. Eat more vegetables that are not starchy/grains.
  7. Eat more meat.  (Meat is not bad with just vegetables and no grains)
  8. Eat some meals of vegetarian to flush the system.
  9. Reduce fruit intakes to cut down on fructose.
  10. Replace snacks with plain water, early meals and or temporary fasting (temporary hunger( until the next meal time.
  11. Bring some meals from home to work.


  1. Go for aikido practice every week
  2. Run at least 2.4km once every week
  3. Climb the staircase to home everyday.  The only exception is on days of intense physical practice (e.g. Aikido class, Tai Chi class and physical fitness tests).  This is to prevent injuries to my knees and upper leg, which have been injured before.
  4. Eventually take all the fitness challenge, starting with 200 situps, to 100 pushups, 150 dips and 200 squats.
  5. Bench press 70% of body weight.


  1. Have two alarm clocks, one to show when to sleep and one to show when to wake up.
  2. No accessing of computer after dinner time on weekdays after reading Tynan’s post on how easily he slept at a meditation retreat.
  3. Sleep at least seven hours every day.
  4. Do not sleep more than nine hours every day.
  5. Wake up before 9am everyday.

Bodyweight and fat measurements

  1. Measure bodyweight and fat measurements once a week.
  2. Target 9% body fat.