A column of bright line shines in the dark background.  In the middle of the column, a Zong stands up bewildered.  He sees standing next to him a Pook.  The Pook (download e-book at http://www.jbspencer.com/djb/Downloads/The%20Book%20of%20Pook.pdf).  “Welcome to the world,” exclaims Pook.  “But I don’t know what to do from here,” the Zong utters.  Pook nods on in a listening way, yet offering no advice.  Zong waits for Pook to speak and then realises that there is no advice coming.  “I see, I would have to figure out the answer on my own.

Zong ponders on about what his ideal day would be, on what would make him awesome.  He would want to work as a location independent entrepreneur in Bali.  From his kos (one bedroom apartment) in Bukit, he would wake up at 5.30 in the morning, do his jog and basic exercises.  Come back for a local breakfast and hot water (abstaining from caffeine) and a shower.  Then he would work from 7.30am until 12pm on his work for the day, be it freelancing or his online business.  12pm, he would break for lunch, usually a lunch appointment, which would take until 2pm.  From 2 to 3pm, he would take care of random logistics and chores like reviewing his finances, while waiting for the tropical sun to abate a bit.  From 3 to 6pm he would be surfing and or learning to surf.  At night he would party with the Tropical MBA guys (blog at http://www.tropicalmba.com). A few times a week, he would have aikido and tai chi lessons and go to the gym to keep fit.  The Zong would condition himself to be able to do 100 pushups, 150 dips, 200 situps, 200 squats and 50 pullups (on different days of course).

Four times a year he would be travelling back to his home country to meet the requirements of the visa and catch up with the folks at home.  He would also complete his annual military service at this time.  Other times he would travel to Thailand, Vietnam and China to enjoy himself and catch up with friends there.

Regularly, friends would visit him in Bali, including a certain hedge fund manager and banker, a certain guy from Stanfurd and folks from his aikido club back at home.  Depending on the interest of his friends, he would bring them out for sea sports, diving or the nightlife in Kuta.  In the daytime, he would already have made friends with local, english speaking drivers who would bring his friends out to the touristy destinations like the volcanoes and padi fields.

The Zong would be earning enough income to provide for his burn rate in Bali.  Meanwhile, he would be growing his businesses and side projects slowly and steadily in their own good time.

Minutes passed by with the Zong deep in thought.  The Pook smiled, sensing that the Zong was right on track, except that the Zong had not thought about how the Zong was causing his woman problems.  With a wave, Pook bid adieu to Zong, and disappeared pook-like to another place in another time, where another soul desperately needed guidance of the pookish kind.